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Prompt Media Ltd BannerLifts ®

Innovative and Ease of Use.

Prompt Media's BannerLifts are Motorised Remote Controlled Banner Drop Systems. They allow for banners to be raised and lowered by a click of button so as to allow for quick and risk free changeovers. They dispense with the need for access equipment and working at height risks. They also increase revenue and productivity, by making changeover quick and easy.

  • a remote controlled mechanical system for raising & lowering displays

           Once installed the system can raised and lowered for banner changeovers. The system can also be set with a lower and upper height limit so as to

           properly target audience  Prompt Media Ltd Bannerlifts. promotional material

  • using wire rope & an indexing mechanism that reduces wire tangling

           Using only a 3mm wire rope makes the fixings almost invisible and highlights the display more. Also the specialised wire management system prevents

           any tangling of the wire, giving you a system which is easy and reliable.

  • assures that display articles remain level at all heights

           the system has 2 adjustable points which can be manually adjusted to make the display 100% level & to decrease fold lines without the need for framing

  • eliminates campaign change issues and risks associated with:

               1) expensive lifts / access equipment
               2) labour
               3) tire marks
               4) safety issues
               5) damage to floor and walls