Prompt Media Ltd Bannersaver / Euro Chieftain System

Strength, Flexibility and Adaptability.

Prompt Media's Banner Saver Brackets are the world's best Wind Releasing Brackets which have been independently tested to a higher wind releasing rating than other bannersaver brackets on the market. We have therefore been approved suppliers for many councils and lighting departments accross the country. Our process of Slow gravity casting delivers better results than Die casting as it uses more raw material, which inturn makes the product stronger & more robust. Die casting is a process designed to save on raw materials and to make products on the cheaper to manufacturer.

  • decreases wind loading by 88% - Best Bracket on the Market

        protecting your columns / lampposts / infrastructure from damage caused by the extra wind loading of banners. For eg. a banner of 2sq.m. is

        reduced to less than 0.24sq.m. All European standard of lampposts are designed to withstand a loading of 0.3 sq.m. hence making the bracket

       compatible with ANY UK lampposts. This also makes our brackets EN40 compliant.Prompt Media Ltd Bannersaver. Target Marketing Direct. consumer direct marketing

  • detachable fiberglass poles

          Prompt fiberglass poles are designed to absorb minute vibrations and to flex to further protect your columns. We put an aluminium cap on the

          end of the pole which slots into the bracket to avoid splintering and breaking.

  • retro fit to lampposts, flag poles, walls, fencing, etc.

          Decrease your inventory - One bracket retrofits to a variety of infrastructures easily and with reusable straps. Can be used with lampposts, flag

          poles, street columns, CCTV poles, walls, etc.

  • increase banner life by 100%

          reduces wind loading also protects banners from twisting and tearing and increases banner life by 100%.

  • complies with British & European Standards (EN 40)

          The brackets complies with all EN40 regulations

  • small profile when brackets not in use.

          During Christmas and in between campaigns...poles and easily be removed and stored separately, leaving a very small profile on the pole. This 

          is design feature is for quick and easy changeovers and so that it can be compatible with Christmas decorations.

  • compatible with most Christmas light decorations

           Due to the small profile of the brackets and the detachable poles, the brackets are compatible with most Christmas decorations.

  • 5yr Warranty

           Prompt Media Ltd provides a "return to base" five-year warranty on the BannerSaver against product design, manufacturing and its wind-spilling

           capabilities as outlined in the BannerSaver Wind Tunnel Test Report and assuming proper installation methods have been followed.  Prompt

           Media advices customers to remove banners from poles when a known F-O (60mph winds) or higher storm is expected. Full warranty information

           available upon request.